This is a list of 10 of the more popular posts from Crushing Iron to get your juices flowing for the upcoming race.  My next post will be my 10 personal favorites, many of which were written early on and haven’t been seen by the massive Crushing Iron audience.

1.  The Best Ironman Race Advice I’ve Ever Received . . . One solid bit of information that will help you get through your race.

2.  Ironman Louisville 2013 Video . . . This is a video I made while spectating last year’s race.  It’s cut to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

3.  20 Things I Learned At Ironman Wisconsin . . . “If you drive the bike course, take it with a grain of salt because it seems much worse in a car.  The ride is definitely hilly, but if you recover on the downhills it is a very enjoyable ride.”

4.  The Zen of Triathlon Training – 14 Ways . . . This was written by my coach and tons of people have been reading this post.

5.  Don’t Miss Your Opportunity . . . “It really makes you think about what kind of opportunities we miss because we don’t think we’re ready.  The stuff you think about all the time, but are afraid to try because some illusion is holding you back.”

6.  Ironman Wisconsin 2013 Race Report . . . “On race Sunday, I stood on the ramp of the Ironman Swim Start with the rest of the Fab 5 while family and friends leaned over TYR sponsored fence and took pictures.  A mere 5 months after I struggled to swim 300 meters, I was ready for 2.4 miles.”

7.  10 Reasons I’m Doing Ironman Louisville . . . “The Finish Line.  It really is a party and will be a sight for sore eyes, ankles, and hip flexors.”

8.  Ironman Wisconsin Swim Start Video – Crushing Iron Trailer . . . “This highlights the pre-race nerves and the guys I raced with have some great thoughts on the race.  It’s focused on the swim, and frankly pretty awesome.”

9.  Your Choices Define The Consequences . . . “One of the biggest mistakes I consistently make is not being prepared for my workout.  Often it’s because of poor diet or hydration, but mostly it’s because I don’t make time to be ready.”

10.  I Paid $650 For Ironman And All I Got Was . . . “Signing up for Ironman felt like the epitome.  I would do many races along the way, but that big gorilla was always hanging out in the corner.  I couldn’t escape him, and in a twisted way, I didn’t want to.”


10 Motivational Crushing Iron Posts For Ironman