Robbie Bruce – Crushing Iron Coach

img_1645Over the last 12+ years Robbie has competed in over 75 triathlons ranging from the sprint to Ironman distance. He began coaching in 2011 and has been exclusively focused on triathlon where he has coached over 50 athletes to their first Ironman finish.

Robbie excels in the water and has coached hundreds of athletes to success at open water swimming.  He’s worked with a wide range of abilities including: beginner-level and first-time triathletes, Ironman 70.3 and Kona qualifiers, along with seasoned veterans and Junior USAT All- Americans.

His underlying focus with all athletes is blending a positive life change with performance that extends beyond the finish line. He does not offer traditional training plans, but a coach/athlete relationship focused on communication and a commitment to the process of getting better every day.

If this sounds like a something you are looking for please feel free to email him to discuss building a strong coach/athlete relationship.

C- 615-878-7159

Mike Tarrolly

MikeHeadshot-300x300When Mike started running at age 48, he was unhappy with the path of his life, including his career. He thought it was likely related to lifestyle, so he went on a mission to change his attitude.  Slowly but surely that attitude did change and he realized his job (and late nights in the bars) simply wasn’t the right fit.  A little over a year later he resigned from 14 years in the corporate lifestyle to pursue his passions.

Mike played baseball, hockey, and lacrosse in college, and high level softball afterwords, but had never been able to run more than a mile or two.  In the Spring of 2012 he started his running pursuit with a Couch to 5K program. A year and a half later he finished Ironman Wisconsin in under 12 hours and now has IM Louisville, IM Chattanooga, and a second Wisconsin under his belt.

Crushing Iron started as a way to journal his training experiences for Ironman and has morphed into a road map for “crushing life” that includes a bi-weekly podcast and dozens of triathlon videos.  He’s gone through a lot of physical and mental changes and all of the stories are here: Good, bad, and ugly.

His athletic background, coupled with his late arrival to triathlon, gives him the unique ability and perspective to work with high school/college athletes turned couch potato, along with anyone who genuinely want to regain control of their health. He understands the aches of aging along with the mentality of how to use that pain to grow and regain youth.

Mike’s approach to training is based on listening to the body and mind.  He believe anyone who is on a path to be a healthier person must identify and address the often, intensely personal experiences that hold them back. He takes training and life seriously, but will not hesitate to make fun of the obsession and “bizarrity” that can emerge from endurance racing.

Mike is openminded and understands each situation is different, but the core of training for triathlon is driven by one principle, the true desire to grow.