Here are three new workouts for you.  They are also listed with others under the “Workout” tab.  Enjoy.

SWIM – Oly Race Pace

3 x 200 as odds swim, evens single arm, 10 rest

Main set:
3 x 200 high tempo with paddles and t-shirt. 20 rest
6 x 100 oly race pace, 10 rest
12 x 50 as odds fists, evens sprint. 15 rest

2 rounds.

200 Warm Down

BIKE – Stand/Sit

Warm Up:
5 mins
5 x 20 sec sprints, 40 secs easy. In tough gear.

Main set:

hills or tough resistance
5 x 1 min at 45rpms all out, 30 secs easy in between each one.
5 mins easy

6 rounds. Odd rounds seated, evens standing.

2 x 4 min steady at cadence of choice

Rest of ride easy.

RUN – 10K Pace Repeats 

10 mins Warm Up

Main set:
10 x 30 sec steep hill bounds. Get height and distance per stride and maximum muscle loading.

Jog back each time.

2 x 1/2 mile repeats at 10k pace on flat. 2 mins easy in between each one.

2 rounds.
Cool down to make 1:30


3 New Workouts (Swim,Bike, Run)



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