1.  My bike’s been making a strange knocking sound for the last week or so and I’ve been hanging out at the shop more than my Grandpa used to linger at the used car dealership.  I pulled out a few of his old jokes, but they bombed.

2.  You know Ironman is a big deal when it nearly made me forget about the Badger game today.

3.  Race Forecast Note:  Just to prove my last point about it being stupid paying attention to long range forecasts (and proving I am stupid by checking it anyway) yesterday they called for sunny and a high of 80.  Today, the forecast for Ironman Chattanooga is 78 and showers.  Okay . . . I’m not going to look until 3 days before the race.

4.  I just took an “ice bath” in my above ground pool.  It’s not freezing, but it will wake you up.  And, there’s no doubt it helps with muscle recovery.  I’m still shivering as I write this.

5.  I wish everyone racing Chattanooga could hang around for a week and just chill together.  I’ve never been a big fan of the “it’s over, see you later,” thing.

6.  It’s crazy to think about the unknowns going into an Ironman.  What’s even crazier are the thoughts that you have “forgotten” how to swim, bike, or run after a day or two of not doing them.

7.  Last year I ran about 5 miles the month before Ironman Louisville due to achilles pain.  I’m in much better shape this time and in a strange way excited to run.  I’m sure that attitude will change after about 5 miles.

8.  Ironman really is kind of like a wedding.  For most of us it’s the biggest day of the year.  The nerves, anticipation, and desire for perfection all clank around for months.  Hopefully everything goes as planned, but whatever happens, happens and has to be accepted.  At least with Ironman, we can do it again next year (without guilt) if it doesn’t turn out like we planned.


Ice Bath




8 Days Until Ironman Chattanooga