This weekend will be action packed.  I’m sitting in a Murfreesboro hotel preparing to shoot video for the Middle Half Marathon in the morning.  Robbie is in a hotel in Chattanooga resting for his 10 Mile Swim.  After that ridiculous feat, he’ll drive to Huntsville to meet with me, Wasky, and Corey where we’ll spend the afternoon watching a live stream of the Ironman World Championship in Kona. Then Sunday, it’s Goosepond.  

This will be the second time I’ve shot a video for the Middle Half.  The first was two years ago and I was stressed beyond belief because running was foreign to me.  I was amazed that these crazy people were actually running a half marathon.  Sunday I will do that after swimming 1.2 miles and riding 56.  In two years I have not only overcome my fear of running, but blown it out of the water.  

The thought of swimming 10 miles blows my mind, and I’m totally stoked Robbie is doing it.  I never even heard of such a thing.  He’s a great swimmer, but ten miles?  Damn.  And it’s not like he trained for it, he signed up this week.  I don’t know what the equivalent would be in running.  I’m thinking at least two marathons?   You tell me.

Kona.  I am so stoked to watch it online.  I’ve never done that before, but hear it is awesome because the commentators know what they’re talking about and it’s not a bunch of personal stories.  More about the race.  It will be a great way to get jacked for Sunday.  

I’m very curious to see how Goosepond will play out.  I haven’t really done much of anything since Wisconsin except sleep and drop in an occasional swim, bike, and run.  They certainly weren’t long, although I did run 10 miles last weekend and can still feel it.  I haven’t decided if I am going to go after this race or let it come to me.  I guess I proved I have some patience in Wisconsin, but one of my faults (or strengths) is that I don’t do well with going slow.  It’s almost easier for me to go fast and just get it all over with, so I just hope my body feels strong on Sunday.  

The other thing that’s different is two years ago on this night I was in the hotel lobby sucking down beers the night before this video session.  After videotaping I went back to the Pub and drank the rest of the day away.  Now I’m blogging a good friend and coach who will swim 10 miles in the morning and my HALF TRIATHLON on Sunday.  I guess I really am impatient.   

A Half Marathon, 10 Mile Swim, and 1/2 Triathlon Weekend