The fire is getting hotter.  The last post to Crushing Iron by fellow Ironman training partner, Racer K, struck a lot of chords.  His open and fiery call to action got the attention of the Fab 5 and our coach.  The following is an open letter of confession from our coach that includes a late-breaking decision to do something he hadn’t planned on until today.  

By Robbie Bruce for Crushing Iron –

Robbie Still 2Saturday at 7:50pm, something caught my eye on the news feed.  Normally I would just scroll by, but it seemed more of a “life alert” than a simple “Hey, read this and you’ll be pumped for life post.”  I was out with friends watching the NCAA tourney (my bracket is legit btw) and so I began to read . . . read . . . and keep reading.  Hell, I missed almost a whole half of basketball.

Eight minutes it took me to read.  I read a few things over.  Not because it didn’t sink in.  But because I needed to hear it again, and again, and again.  A wake up call.    It was the infamous “Racer K” post (which I believe goes in the Ray Lewis speech category, mind you).

I finished the night off, then woke up Sunday and let it sink in.  What did it mean to me?  Where have I gone wrong as an athlete?  I spend a lot of time being a coach and while focusing on others I’ve become lazy in my athletic mind and endeavors.  Not just lazy.  But fearful.  Fearful of what, you say?? Lend me your ear.

Confession:  After reading Racer K’s “Call to Action” and my IML Race Report, I remembered something I had written that I’ve not taken to heart and lived/trained by.  It was that quitting Ironman Louisville would’ve been a slap in the face to those whose goal was to just finish.  I had a lofty goal but I failed that day.  If I would’ve quit, just because my expectations were different than others . . . nope . . . not doing it.   And that’s why I didn’t.

So what am I changing? What I am doing? Where the hell is this going?

Racer K may believe he is not an “athlete” or that some things are harder for him.  And his times may be slower than mine, but who has been tougher and stronger?  Up to now, he has been stronger and tougher than his coach.  That’s a fact.

I’m in no way trying to drop good deeds on my athletic results but I can swim with anyone and try to keep up the rest. My PR for a HIM is 4:32 and my PR for a full is 10:32.  Yet, I’ve been training wrong and haven’t given as much as Kevin.  I’m far from a super athlete, but I am at least an athlete.  So, it’s time to start to acting like one.

Racer K challenged everyone to be their best, to believe, to go for it.  To dream big and have your goals way out in front of you.  So Racer K, as a coach I’ve failed you the last few weeks and months with my effort at maximizing my abilities.  Well no more.

Eight weeks from today is Ironman Texas.  I will toe the start line on May 18 because I will no longer cheat others, or myself.*

“Be proud of your continuous effort in training, and not just the result.  If the result happens to be an exact representation of your effort, then be ecstatic.”

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