So, I’m living most men’s dream come true.  In a downtown hotel with a bachelorette party in the next room.  Too bad it’s the night before my Ironman.

I ran into the mother of the bride and told her the deal and she suggested I meet the girls.  I explained that I have spent a lot of years in their shoes and don’t want to be a dick about it, but just wanted to know their schedule.

They assured me they will be going out fairly early, coming home late and passing out.  Last night they were true to their form.  I actually woke up around 3:30 and heard them coming up the hallway going, “Shhh” to each other.

Pretty cool… in reality, if I get to sleep early enough and they come home around 4:00 that would be a perfect way to wake up.  I’m still weighing the option of trading rooms with my mom, however.


We’re headed to transition soon to cheek our bikes and drop bags.  I hope to have a pre-race report after dinner.

One note, we did a practice swim, bike, run today and the most noticeable factor is the current of the river.  It rained like mad last night so the current is pretty strong for the down stretch.  Swimming into it, however, is no picnic.  Luckily most of that .6 or so miles up stream is protected.

It is definitely hot, but appears it won’t be the reported 100 degrees.  I am serious when I say this, but I truly think I would rather be biking or running in this heat rather than walking.  Yeah, I say that now.

Until tonight . . .

My Bro rockin' the video for Crushing Iron with Allie directing
My Bro rockin’ the video for Crushing Iron
Any Other Night of My Life #IMLOU