New Crushing Iron Video Trailer

New Crushing Iron Video Trailer

Tomorrow marks the 19th Crushing Iron podcast.  With that, I thought I’d make a little trailer showcasing some of the comments we’ve got from listeners.

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Crushing Iron: FRIDAY FIVE | 12-9-16

Crushing Iron: FRIDAY FIVE | 12-9-16

Here is your first Crushing Iron FRIDAY FIVE.  Each week we will dig up enlightening reads and training strategies for Swim, Bike, Run, a Wild Card and Bonus.  We’ll also embed a motivational video.  Hopefully this helps you get through some of these long Winter training weekends.

SWIM – How To Nail Your Swim

The swim rarely gets the credit it deserves in triathlon, but it is by far the place people house the most anxiety.  I’ve been known to hold onto a few kayaks in my day, but over time that can be “cured.”  This article from Purple Patch Fitness outlines some good stuff so you can “Nail Your Swim.”

BIKE – Understanding 3 Phases of Cycling Training

So many people I know get on a trainer with their headphones and just crank out the hours.  But, like everything else in triathlon, cycling workouts should have a purpose.  Here’s a good article from Trainer Road that looks at 3 phases of cycling work, what they mean, and how you should attack them.

From the article:

Like a puzzle, there are three training phases that fit together to illustrate an image of your fitness over the entire training season. Whether you have a goal event in mind, or you’d just like to become a faster cyclist, your training plan will apply the right type of training stress at the right time to make sure you can achieve both.

RUN – The Science Of Jogging

We talked about the coaching method of Ernst Van Aaken on a recent podcast (Running Slow To Get Fast) and it is changing how I go about my runs.  Not only that, I’m really excited about running again.   Here’s a link to the article on “Science of Running.”

Ernst Van Aaken: The Pure Endurance Method

WILD CARD – Why is Kona So Tough?

In some way or another, most triathletes probably dream of Kona, and I’m no exception.  I’ve also been fascinated by the conditions and why everyone I know seems to go there and struggle.  Here’s a good story from Alan Couzens that explains exactly why racing Kona is so difficult.

From the article:

“Kona really is an incredibly tough environment to race 140.6 miles in. From the high temperatures that reflect from the lava rock to the wind that sweeps relentlessly across the barren landscape to, perhaps the toughest element of all – the saturating humidity of the place . . .”

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Happy Training.

Video of the Week:   Ironman Chattanooga 2015

IMWI 011 – Running Through The Pain

IMWI 011 – Running Through The Pain

One of my favorite topics regarding Ironman (Wisconsin) is pain. Specifically running with pain. Today I talk about a few strategies to practice pain and be prepared for the inevitable meltdown on the Ironman Run. I share a great run training tip from Dominant Woman Spartan Racer, Amelia Boone and talk about a few things I work on to prepare for the pain of an Ironman run.  Make sure to follow Crushing Iron on Facebook and @crushingiron on Twitter.

IMWI 010 – Breaking Down Ironman Wisconsin Swim Course

IMWI 010 – Breaking Down Ironman Wisconsin Swim Course

I raced Ironman Wisconsin in 2013 and spectated (and made a tribute video) in 2014.  Today, I break down the swim course with race video to show:

– How much time you need to get into the water pre-race
– The mysterious HELIX transition
– Sighting
– The energy of the crowd

Till this day the Ironman Wisconsin swim is probably one of the favorite memories of my three Ironman races.  I loved the energy, the fan support, and the spectacle of a mass start.

This video also reveals the first guest in my upcoming podcast series and offers you a free t-shirt.

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IMWI 009 – Getting Back Into Swim Shape

IMWI 009 – Getting Back Into Swim Shape

The swim at Ironman Wisconsin can be daunting, but not because of the distance.  The mass start offers tons of unwelcome contact and the lake water can be very choppy.  I also found it tough to sight.

With that in mind, my swim shape goal is to be 100% confident with swimming for an hour or so.  As I get back into shape I’m totally focused on time in the pool.  I’ll work up to three times a week for an hour.  But for now, I’m not even close, so I have to make compromises to get there by adding breast stroke intervals to lower my heart rate.

Over time I’ll likely improve my pace, but that won’t be a focus.  It’s very hard to become a faster swimmer and the effort (for me) isn’t necessarily worth it. I’ll move that extra time to the bike.

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