C26 Triathlon Coaching Programs and Pricing

Welcome to C26 Coaching! Thank you for considering allowing us to be a part of your triathlon journey. One of the many parts of coaching I love is the opportunity to establish and cultivate relationships with amazing individuals all over the world. The ultimate goal for every athlete I work with is to blend both athletic improvement and personal growth with results that only begin when you cross the finish line. When you become a part of C26 Triathlon you do not simply gain a coach. You become part of a community of other committed athletes from all over the globe that will serve and support you in your journey. While I would love to personally coach hundreds of athletes, I would not be able to provide the relationship, training, feedback, and availability I am committed to, therefore availability and options will be limited to ensure the highest standard of service.

C26 Triathlon is supported by:
Roka – 30% off
Normatec – 20% off
Power Meter City – 20% off
Nashville Running Company – 15% off

**All training plans and customized coaching will be delivered via Training Peaks

Training Plans

What is included?

– This option is perfect for the “get it and go” athlete. This athlete does not need schedule changes, workout adjustments real-time feedback, or much communication.
– Initial 30 minute consultation via skype or phone
– One customized training plan delivered based on goals, strengths, weaknesses, and consultation
– Limited communication via maximum of 2 emails monthly throughout plan duration

Pricing –
12 weeks – $240
16 weeks – $300
20 weeks – $350
24 weeks – $375
*deduct 25% off for single sport plans

Monthly Personalized Coaching

What is included?

– This option is great for the athlete who wants the ultimate training package for only a specific part of their season.
– Initial 30 minute consultation followed by monthly plan review initiated by the athlete
– Individualized training plans to meet your specific goals and situation delivered weekly
– Unlimited athlete driven communication
– Reasonable schedule adjustments made based on life changes.
– Pre and post race check in and analysis
– Race strategy and pace/power targets for 70.3 and 140.6 races
– C26 Athlete discount on camps and gear

Pricing –
Monthly – $175
3 months – $425
6 months – $750
*deduct 25% off for single sport plans
*deduct 20% off for couples

C26 Annual Memberships

C26 Advocates **limited availability

What is a C26 Advocate?

A C26 Advocate has a mission to be a force for positive change within the sport of triathlon. The C26 advocate must be positive, encouraging, helpful, and humble. The C26 Advocate is expected to share their positive contributions to the sport on at least a quarterly basis. The contributions and forces for positive change will look different for each individual. Some examples may include: mentoring other triathletes, volunteering at races or taking the time to share their personal journey with other athletes.

Additionally, if any club award is given to Crushing Iron at a race where Robbie or Mike are not present, the C26 Advocate is asked to accept the award and favorably represent C26 TriClub.

As a C26 Advocate, in exchange for your positive contributions to our sport, we are offering a special coaching category. This is, in many ways, one of my positive contributions to our sport. I began my coaching tenure over 10 years ago as a way to

give back and guide people on the journey of a lifetime. I have always strived to make personal coaching accessible and affordable for any athlete, regardless of experience, financial situation, and athletic ability. The C26 Advocate package represents an extension of my commitment to future participants.

All in, this package is worth over $1,700 annually but will be offered to candidates who share this philosophy and are willing to put this philosophy into action for $825 annually or 1,000 for the camp pass. The discount honors the C26 Advocate’s responsibility to the sport. I look forward to what we can accomplish together. In the end, I want this to be the way we pay it forward. If you are interested in the C26 Advocate Membership and becoming a C26 advocate, please email me at c26coach@gmail.com for availability.

What is included?
– Initial 30 minute consultation
– Individualized training plan to meet your specific goals and situation delivered weekly
– Unlimited athlete driven communication
– Reasonable schedule changes as needed
– Pre and post race check in and analysis
– Race strategy and pace/power targets for 70.3 and 140.6 races
– Preferred entry and 50% off ALL open water and triathlon camps
– Up to 4 swim video analysis sessions
– Each C26 Advocate will be given a personalized referral code to share with friends and fellow athletes. You earn twenty five (25) C26 dollars for each training plan or fifty (50) C26 dollars for each membership purchased using your code.

$825 – Membership fee covers 12 consecutive months.
1,000 – Membership fee covers 12 consecutive months of coaching and unlimited camps. (Camps are offered in April, May, June, August)