IRONMAN WISCONSIN, or not, I have always been super curious about hydration.  Like most things there are many schools of thought, but I tend to think many people are chronically de-hydrated and it’s a huge reason why people get sick and even wind up with disease.  The theory is really quite simple.  Our bodies run on mostly water and each cell must have a proper amount. If there’s not enough to go around, the critical organs like the brain and heart are protected. This can mean the liver, kidney, digestive system etc. get the short end of the water stick and start to fail.  But hydration doesn’t just mean water and many times that’s where vegetables (and fruit) can help fill a deficiency.  Anyway . . . I’m far from an expert on this stuff, but even though my diet is leaning more green, I felt tired this afternoon and 3-4 glasses of water changed that tune almost instantly.

If you are racing IRONMAN WISCONSIN here’s 20 things I learned last time I did it.

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IMWI 003 – Hydration And A New Diet