Day four was laced with . . . well, actually it was quite pedestrian.  I got up, had one cup of coffee.  Then went to work and sat most of the day.

It’s Friday night and I’m gonna grab some dinner and maybe chill.  So essentially what I’m planning is an “off day” during my rest period.  Whoa.

Truth be told, I can really feel some shit bubbling.  I’m sorta looking at the weekend and thinking, “What the f*ck am I gonna do if I don’t swim, bike, or run?”  I guess that’s where yard work comes in.

On the way home I was thinking about how people work through their “stuff.”  You have to go inside and deal with suppressed issues.  I’m fairly certain most of the world does that, starts feeling uncomfortable, then goes back to their old habits before any of the good shit can start happening.

Bad habits take years to hone and we expect them to be gone in a couple days?  That’s a tough pill to swallow.

And what do I mean by bad habits?  Well, for me, it’s depending on too much sugar and other stimulation during the day because I don’t sleep that well.  But I can honestly tell in the short time I’ve been meditating again, my sleep is definitely better.  I wouldn’t call it a podium sleep, but it’s improving.

I’ve been generally more mellow, but with a hint of rage on the horizon.  I suppose this is something similar to what we felt in our taper for Ironman.  Or any taper for that matter.  Shit’s going a hundred miles an hour, then you’re forced to stop and look around.  Damn, you can actually see things when you sit still.

I do know one thing.  Sitting at a desk is probably the worst thing in the world for endurance athletes.  It cuts off circulation in your legs and I’m serious when I say I limp my way out of the office after a long computer spell.  Get up and move around a little, Mike.

Sounds like Mattie may get a long walk tomorrow.

Here’s dinner . . . Salmon in parchment with fennel, oyster mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and lemon burre…



Day 4 – "10 Days of Rest"