Many of you know of my up-and-down history with open water swimming anxiety, so today’s topic always piques my interest. It took me back to my first Olympic swim which nearly convinced me to quit triathlon while I was ahead.  I wrote about it a long time ago and here’s an excerpt that will give you some insight to my struggles.

The gun went off and 40 over-achieving men jumped on my back.  I fought for my breath and my strategy went from relaxation to survival.  Primal screams pierced my ears and I think they were all coming from me.  I let the pack race away and unzipped my tri-top so my heart would have more room to beat.

By the time I got to the first buoy, I was a humbled and frightened man.  I stopped in the water and gazed into the distance, then to the starting the dock, then the second buoy.  I faced a major decision while I treading water in this dirty river.  Cold rain fell on my swim cap like a Chinese water torture and each drop reaffirmed what an idiot I was for trying something so far above my capabilities.

The full post is here.

In today’s podcast (embedded below), we cover every issue I (and maybe you) have struggled with in open water. Here’s some bullet points on what we cover.

• Pre-race rituals including a great way to prep for cold water
• Getting mentally stronger
• Wet suit chest pressures
• Controlling your heart rate
• Dealing with contact
• The importance of warm ups
• How to not worry about what’s under the water
• Training for congestion
• Why stroke turnover is king
• Positioning for a floating start
• How to train harder than the race
• How to use a sandy beach to make you stronger

Don't Suck At Open Water Swimming