I certainly didn’t need more proof that Dr. Oz is legit, but recent actions have firmly cemented his place in my Rational Celebrity Hall of Fame.  He started by delivering a 6 am 5K in Las Vegas, which was an iron clad excuse for me to escape Casino karma, then followed all of that by responding to my race summary:

Oz here to commend you on forcing me to risk my life in an effort to hunt you down in the blistering heat. I am proud that my pulse came back so quickly after the ferocious race, but have foresworn egg white omelets after reading your piece. Plus the yolk has all the biotin to give my hair more shine and body anyway.

Now, let me tell you why this is a big deal.  I work in marketing for a local television station and half the time I can’t get a reporter to answer my email.  And here’s Dr. Oz, a legend of daytime television taking time out of a busy life to respond to a hackneyed blogger who lives with his mom.  (Well, not really, but she is coming to visit on Sunday with a block of 10-year-old Wisconsin Cheddar, which I am not sure would be on Dr. Oz’s preferred list, but mom says it’s fine as long as I don’t shovel it down like I used to do with her beef stroganoff, which shouldn’t be a problem because I pretty much eat tuna from a can).

IMG_0070Even though I had fun with the Las Vegas 5K race summary, I really did get the impression that Oz is a good and level-headed guy.  Other than his jewel crested massage table, he was every man’s man.  And judging by the attention he got from women, I can easily confirm he has no problem with the ladies either.

If you didn’t know better, Oz was just a normal dude out barnstorming his way through the streets of Vegas while late night gamblers staggered their way back to nowhere.  Race logistics are no joke and he rolled with all the punches, including the sketch PA system someone lined up for the awards ceremony.  He even followed it up with a blog post of his own that includes a few stellar pictures of his new 5K rival.

So, in between celebrity interviews and the pressures of helping turn lives around, Dr. Oz takes time to acknowledge the Fab 5 on the Crushing Iron blog.  Pretty cool.  And now, let me be the first to acknowledge that his hair was indeed full of shine and body.


Dr. Oz Responds to My Blog



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  • July 6, 2013 at 5:02 am

    That is so very cool!! I watch Dr Oz from Down Under, so now you’ve reached uber celebrity status by proxy in my book Mike! 😉

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