The swim at Ironman Wisconsin can be daunting, but not because of the distance.  The mass start offers tons of unwelcome contact and the lake water can be very choppy.  I also found it tough to sight.

With that in mind, my swim shape goal is to be 100% confident with swimming for an hour or so.  As I get back into shape I’m totally focused on time in the pool.  I’ll work up to three times a week for an hour.  But for now, I’m not even close, so I have to make compromises to get there by adding breast stroke intervals to lower my heart rate.

Over time I’ll likely improve my pace, but that won’t be a focus.  It’s very hard to become a faster swimmer and the effort (for me) isn’t necessarily worth it. I’ll move that extra time to the bike.

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IMWI 009 – Getting Back Into Swim Shape