First of all, what a great city for an Ironman.  Chattanooga is amazing and it lived up to a year long hype for me and several friends from Nashville who came to watch a blistering race.

It’s 11:58 and I’m back in the hotel after being on the course for about 15 hours and plan to write more in the morning at one of the awesome coffee shops, but for now, here are a few pictures, starting with my main man Corey Coggins who once again raised the Ironman bar for me.

Ironman Chattanooga Run

Marc Swain, who worked his ass off all year and loves training so much he inspires everyone around him.  So happy for him to have this under his belt.  Many more are surely on the way.

Ironman Chattanooga Run

Pumped for my good friend Vince Wyatt who kicked some ass today.  Seemed like I saw him swimming at the YMCA every time I worked out.  He had a great attitude the whole way and says he is a huge Crushing Iron fan.  Congrats, buddy, I know the little man is proud!

vince wyatt Ironman Chattanooga

My old college buddy Pete from Wisconsin called and said his friend Dave Richter was racing this weekend.  Well, Pete’s friend not only raced, he qualified for Kona in 45-49.  I’ve never met him, but luckily caught this picture of him at the last minute.  Can’t wait to catch up with him in the morning and hear his story.

Ironman Chattanooga Run

Crushing Iron may have been the first source to report Angela Naeth as the woman’s winner by taking this photo and posting on Twitter .5 miles before she won the race.  Congrats Angela!

Ironman Chattanooga Run

Great shot of Jennie Hansen, who was just out of second place and digging hard, but wound up with 3rd and her friends all over Twitter were tuned in when I posted this pic.  Nice race, Jennie!

Jennie Hansen Ironman Chattanooga

Here’s a great shot of 2nd place male, Daniel Bretscher who was one finished behind fellow Iowan Matt Hansen.  Iowa is the Australia of the US.

Daniel Bretscher Ironman Chattanooga

Incredible Day at Ironman Chattanooga



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