If you’re looking for inspiration and deeper reasons for doing triathlon, look no further than this podcast. Steve DelMonte joins us again and is as fired up as ever. (Podcast embedded).70DelmonteIG

Steve DelMonte is a full-time Race Director. He has incredible passion for the sport, but he’s more concerned about athletes enjoying their lives. We get into a lot of things with Steve, including: planning a race, cancelling a race like Alcatraz, changing the swim at Wisconsin, dealing with upset athletes, and getting the most out of your race. It’s a great and inspiring conversation that will have you ready to get outside and fall back in love with the tough parts of triathlon.

– Cancelled Swim at Escape from Alcatraz
– The story behind Escape the Cape
– Why they really changed Ironman Wisconsin’s swim start
– How race directors should treat their athletes
– Working behind the scenes with city leaders, businesses and churches to secure swim, bike, and run courses
– What it’s like to have two races in a row cancelled by weather
– Race insurance
– Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City news
– How to race with gratitude and excellent thoughts on how athletes can better enjoy their day

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Inside the Mind of a Race Director (Part 2)