The first thing I noticed at Ironman Chattanooga is this hill the racers must scale after getting out of the water.  It is at least 100 yards from the Swim Exit (which would be in the right in this photo) and a pretty steep climb.

Ironman Chattanooga Transition

Here’s a look from the other angle.

Ironman Chattanooga

This is the Swim Exit and while I was getting my Ironman-Geek on I learned that tomorrow’s current will be far less than it has been.  I’m hearing it was 26,000 today and will be in the 8-10,000 range tomorrow.  There is also a serious question about water temperature and most I talked with were thinking it would NOT be wetsuit legal.  But I have a feeling they will figure out how to get people into their wetsuits.

Ironman Chattanooga
Here are bike bags.  Unlike Louisville, which I just did, the bike and run bags are separate.  The bikes are just off to the left of this photo and the Bike Out is waaay down at the end.  I expect relatively slow T1 times in the morning.


Here’s a shot of the run bags.  Bikes are in the background.  Run Out is to the left of this shot and goes back toward downtown.  Run transition times should be pretty quick.

Ironman Chattanooga Run Transition

These guys are getting ready, but hopefully we won’t need them.

It’s never too late to dial in your swim before Ironman Chattanooga. Check out the simple and fast C26 Swim Stroke analysis video below for more information.

Ironman Chattanooga Transition Layout



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