I watched the Ironman World Championships for 6 hours on Saturday and have been on the road doing video work (I’m available for hire) for the last three days, so I haven’t had much time or desire to think about triathlon.  BUT, I have been shooting video at a health club, and one of the employees qualified for KONA next year, so I’m starting to feel the fire burn again.

Last night, after we finished shooting, I had my first taste of water jogging, and it was pretty damn cool.  I put on this vest and ran about 8 laps.  Let me tell you, even though I felt and looked like a complete doorknob, it is a legit workout.


Aqua-jogging was the big buzzword at Kona because the winner, Sebastian Kienle, spent the last month or so before the race training his run in the pool.  In fairness to me, I’ve been intrigued by this exercise for months now and started doing it in my above ground pool in hopes of being the “Kienle of Louisville,” but it didn’t quite work out as well.


In other notes, Coach Robbie had some highs and lows with his Kona predictions.  It looked like calling Daniela Ryf the winner was a rock-solid pick until Mirinda Carfrae shot out of a cannon again around mile 22.

He picked Kienle second, which was a pretty good call considering his injury and poor performance at Worlds a couple months prior.

I made a huge mistake by not lobbying harder on Ben Hoffman.  I’ve been a big fan since he won Wisconsin the day before I signed up to do my first Ironman and promise to follow in his footsteps with a second place finish next year at the ADPi Sprint Triathlon in Murfreesboro.




KONA Hangover



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