“Never judge a day by the weather.” – Zig Zigler  

A triathlete friend of mine was telling me about the woman who lets him store his snowmobile at her home in Northern Wisconsin.  She’s an elderly woman, lives alone, and has already reported 18 inches of snow.  She also plows her own driveway with a blade attached to her riding lawnmower.

I said, “Dude, that sounds like paradise, you should move there!”

He said, “Fuck that, it’s early November and it will be like that through the end of May.”

It’s really kind of remarkable that people even survive in those conditions.  No wonder Tomahawk, Wisconsin is known more for its drinkers than its triathletes.

I moved to Nashville from Wisconsin in March of 2003 and didn’t wear a jacket until December of that year.   I’m not sure if my blood has thinned or what, but now mornings like today give me pause, and it was probably in the low 40’s.

One thing growing up in the North taught me was that you have to make the best of what you have.  You have two choices, sit around and wait for things to change, or adjust to what you’ve been given.

I lived in Minneapolis for a year and till this day think it’s one of the most active places I’ve been.  There would literally be two feet of snow on the ground, cars plowed under, and a bitter wind ripping down Hennepin Avenue and people would put on their layers and go celebrate life’s options.

The gyms, restaurants, theaters, art galleries, and frozen lakes were always packed.  I can never remember anything being cancelled by the weather.

Living with bitter cold and snow makes you appreciate even the slightest reprieve.  Two feet of snow may stop you from running, but one foot might not.

If 50 percent of the battle is putting on workout clothes, the other half is taking the first step.  Don’t ever judge a day by the weather, just dress for it and get your ass out the door.


• Click this photo for snow running tips.

Two women run down Mountain Avenue in a snowstorm.


Make The Best of What You Have



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  • November 12, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    I can’t wait to run in weather like this!!

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