I used to live in Indianapolis, and rarely left the city unless it was on a highway that led out of state (or to Brownsville for softball) but this July I will sink my teeth into Muncie. slideshow-template I’ll be joined by at least two of the other guys in the Phat 5 (recently changed because these people have already used Fab 5 in connection with Ironman Wisconsin, which bummed me out a little, but doesn’t surprise me and I’m excited to see their film).

Muncie, Indiana, home of Ball State University and 118,769 fine Hoosiers.  I once worked with a guy who went to Ball State and he loved to talk about the rich basketball tradition that included high-flying stars like Chandler Thompson, silky smooth Ray McCallum, and electrifying Bonzi Wells.  Maybe one or all of them will be giving back by working one of the Ironman water stations.

This will be my first plunge into an Ironman event and a great opportunity to meet the Mayor or tell the Ball Corporation founders about my mother’s love for their canning jars and how the the stench emitted from that process has left me scarred as an adult.  If time permits, I’d certainly like to swing by Harrison college or take a picture under Shafer Tower.

Of course, none of this will be possible until I update my license plate tags, which will not be easy considering I failed my emissions test.  Last time I checked, “Service Engine Soon,” doesn’t necessarily mean my car is dousing the environment with toxic waste . . . but I suppose it could be.  Either way, I will surely have to drop another $500 on my car for the privilege of spending another $100 for a little sticker.  I’m sure the Mayor of Muncie will have some wisdom on the topic.

So, what’s the goal for Muncie 70.3?  Well, last year’s race distance was altered, but the year before my new Facebook friend, Ben Hoffman, won with a time of 3:48:14, which is a little ridiculous, but I’m thinking 5:48:14 is about right for me.  That would be exactly two hours behind Ben.

45 minutes for the swim, 2:45 on the bike and two on the run.  The rest in transition.

But, that’s all a long ways off.  This weekend is the first Sprint Tri of the year and the whole team will be there trying to kick my ass, and they surely will if I keep dreaming about Muncie, Indiana.

Muncie Here We Come



2 thoughts on “Muncie Here We Come

  • March 19, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    Hey! I’ll see you in Muncie too! It’s my first HIM! (and my biggest race of the year) Since you’re a local, got any tips for hotel/places to stay up there? I need to book soon!
    And since you’ll probably be finishing a faster time than me, I fully expect you to hobble back to the finish to cheer on another Nashville triathlete! Kidding.
    Fingers crossed it doesn’t get shortened again this year!

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