“Never judge a day by the weather.” – Zig Ziglar

I say, “Screw Zig Ziglar!”  This weather has blown up my mojo, but it does look like spring might actually be here in Nashville.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.

When you’re training for an Ironman and basically haven’t run or biked in a month, doubt tends to creep into your head.  But yesterday, I took care of both of those with a short brick around 2:00.  Eighteen miles on the bike, followed by an easy 2.5 mile jog.  I’m back!

Well, not back, back, but I do feel like I could finish an Olympic, which is something.  And, in the name of “stay in the moment,” that’s my game plan.

I’ll probably head over to Knoxville and do Challenge in May and that’s what I’ll train for.  I can’t let Chattanooga consume me right now.

We hear all of this talk about an “A” race, but that seems like putting a lot of eggs in your amateur triathlon basket.  My “A” race is the next one.





My "A" Race



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