Went out for dinner last night at a shoo shoo place and wracked up a huge bill, which Scott graciously paid for, but I’m not sure I’m gonna let him get away with it.  The food was great, but limited, so we all went to Family Wash for another beer before I agreed to run with Jim in the morning.  His plan was to meet at the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, run nearly 3 miles to LP Field where he planned to do 8 one mile laps at his marathon tempo, then run back to Shelby.

It was a beautiful and very crisp morning (read freezing).  I followed through and we ran 3 miles to LP field where I promptly video taped him running.  There were about 10 people in the group and 7 of them were blazing at a sub-3-hour marathon pace.  Jim’s running the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville and looking to qualify for Boston at around 3:25.  He said most of his laps were under his needed pace and hopefully that’s a good sign.

He passed on running back to Shelby, so I gave him a ride, then interviewed him for our Ironman Documentary.

After the interview he felt guilty and decided to run 3 more miles.  I joined him and we casually knocked out a 23:30!  Ha.  I guess it really does help running with faster runners.

Post Black Friday Run