Andrew Drobeck on the run out.  8:34:08 – 9th Place


Dude goes first at Ironman Wisconsin, then brings it back with a 2nd at Chattanooga.  Daniel Bretscher, freak of nature.


Angela Naeth, first place woman at Ironman Chattanooga.  If you were following me @miketarrolly on Twitter you would have been one of the first to know this.

Ironman Chattanooga Run

Third place female at Chattanooga Jennie Hansen.  She was making a strong finish for second right here, but came up a few minutes short.

Jennie Hansen Ironman Chattanooga

The Shock Jock of Endurance Sports, Jim Lubinski hammering up the run out on his way to 12th place with an 8:41.


Doug MacLean steeped in the run out.



Pro Pics from Ironman Chattanooga



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