I have taken Thanksgiving nutrition to new heights this week.  The tally is bordering on embarrassing, including 654 cookies and absurd amounts of peppermint chocolate covered pretzels.  BUT, I’ve slept like a rock.

Yesterday, my sister tricked me into doing hot power yoga and it blew my doors off.  The last time I did power yoga I quit, not only yoga, but all forms of activity for a year, and frankly, it may have been the start of my fitness downslide.

Power yoga is no joke!  Especially if you’re not in shape.  Luckily, I took my off-season-modertation-mind into the dojo and spent a lot of the time in fetal, er, uh, child’s pose.  It was tough but I felt fine this morning, even after an intense bowling competition with my family last night.

Speaking of which, what the hell has happened to bowling alleys?  Last time I bowled Aerosmith was on the juke box and there was one small TV in the bar.  This place was like Studio 54!  It was so dark I could barely see the lanes and “Baby Got Back” Remix videos thundered right over my 10-pin target.  How’s a red-blooded blogger supposed to focus on the bowling pocket with Britney Spears “Work Bitch” in his periphery??

Anyway, it was a bad night on the lanes, but I woke up fresh and determined to run in Dallas. There were several intriguing options, but I opted for Katy Trail, the 3.5 mile path that gives you a taste of downtown.  The trail itself also has a Board of Directors, so I was sure it would pay dividends.

It’s a beautiful day with perfect running conditions and I parked next to the trail in Highland Park and headed downtown.  I’ve heard Troy Aikman frequents Katy Trail, but he obviously wanted no part of my pace.

It was a pleasant trek that covered 7 miles under tree covered shade and passed several places I would love to live and hang out including that BBQ joint I hit last time in town.

Oddly, I didn’t think about much on the run other than form and my latest focus is perfectly timed turnover that includes complete synch with my arms.  It’s about the same thing I think about in the water.  I just listen for the feet to keep hitting on time like a drummer and using momentum more than muscle.  Whenever it feels hard, I “think light.”  It’s not about pushing off as much as it is picking up.  Pick em up and put em down.  Oh, and trusting that you can keep it up.

Tomorrow I’ll be back in the car with my dog driving to Nashville.  Nearly 12 hours of meditation time that will allow me to simulate Ironman Chattanooga in my head from start to finish.  Wish me luck.


Katy Trail in Dallas
Katy Trail in Dallas


Running the Katy Trail in Dallas



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