How does simplifying our triathlon training help our lives?  That’s the question that immediately popped into my head after watching the documentary “Minimalism” on Netflix the other night.

Minimalism goes deep into commercialism, along with how decluttering your life genuinely helps you be happier and healthier.  One woman even claimed paring down her belongings was a major reason for her MS going into remission.

I’ve long been fascinated by legendary people like Einstein and Steve Jobs who more or less wore the same thing every day to take that decision process out of their lives.  But fascination doesn’t always translate into reality for me, even when it totally makes sense.

So, how does this concept relate to an ongoing barrage of triathlon articles on the internet, hundreds of different coaching philosophies, and a general workout/life balance?  Will simplifying how we look at training make us better performers?

Even though I like to think of myself as a student of simplicity in my training, I continually over-think it.  I look for the latest “hack” or quick fix then wonder why I can’t find consistency in training or my life.

Today’s podcast goes into that dilemma, plus:

– Decluttering your workout routine
– Running with your dog, spouse, friends more often
– Simplifying your diet for more consistent results
– Getting faster by going slower
– How cleaning your environment reduces stress
– All time favorite personal moments in triathlon (they’re not the races)
– The 80/20 rule for successful training
– 3 Keys to life according to Adam Robinson from the Tim Ferris podcast.

Simplify Training for a Simpler Life