I remember my first 5K and it was no laughing matter.  It can be a very stressful, yet proud time for a beginning runner.  BUT, I couldn’t help but get a chuckle from this post on Ben Greenfield’s website.  It’s a detailed list of what you can do to get ready for your Color Run, including number one, which is “sign up.”

In all seriousness, I have based my new diet on Ben’s nutrition planning for Ironman athletes and it’s going great, so I will probably be giving him a lot of praise soon.  But, before that glowing endorsement, a little fun with a featured article on his website.

10 Tips to Get Ready for a Color Run – Ben Greenfield

Yes, those are practical training tips, but we all know that racing is 90% half mental, so I’ve taken the liberty of creating my own list of psychological tips for the Color Run.

10 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Color Run – Mike Tarrolly

1.  Squirt your dog with a garden hose until he bites you.
2.  Change into a white t-shirt WHILE you’re drinking a glass of grape juice.
3.  Check your temperature often with a rectal thermometer
4.  Walk across gravel while reciting key passages from the Bible.
5.  Go to Walmart and ask the “greeter” a lot of performance running shoe questions.
6.  Sniff old paint cans in the garage.
7.  Eat Snow Cones like they’re going out of style.
8.  Watch re-runs of Laverne and Shirley.
9.  Lay on your back and stare into the sun.
10. Wear bandanas tighter than normal leading up to the race.

Stressing About Your Color Run?



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  • February 18, 2014 at 12:17 am

    I can’t stop laughing Mike!

    • February 18, 2014 at 2:05 pm

      Good! Thanks for checking in, bro.

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