Are you tired of working on your swim with little to no improvements?

What if you could suddenly cut 13 seconds off your 100 yard swim time? Or over 7 minutes in your 2000? It’s happening every day after athletes get their customized C26 Swim Analysis.

Triathletes often struggle because they lack specific skills and stroke techniques that would help them in open water. A quick 8-12 minute C26 Swim Analysis is able to find your weak spots and correct flaws so you’ll be faster and more excited about the swim within a few short days.

Coach Robbie has helped 100’s of triathletes get stronger in the water and no matter where you live, he can help you too with C26 Coach’s Eye technology. It’s simple. You capture underwater video, send it to him, and he gives you an illustrated analysis with audio voiceover within a few days. Watch this video and see testimonials below and email for more info.

It’s remarkable how a few small flaws in you stroke can slow you down and make you use far too much energy. Proper triathlon swimming should not wear you down, but it takes a trained eye to spot what’s slowing you down in the water. Coach Robbie gives you real solutions that change the game within a week!

Erika_TestimonialLet’s face it, most of us work very hard on our swim, but see marginal improvements at best. Or maybe one day we’re swimming faster than usual, but have no idea why. Coach Robbie will tell you EXACTLY what’s going on with your stroke. Where you’re losing power and where you’re wasting energy.

Lisa Testimonial