1.  I rarely run on Tuesdays, but today called for an easy gallop with a few race-pace-efforts.  Along the way, I was exposed to endless open garbage bins in my neighborhood that reminded me to appreciate the finer smells in life.  For some reason (maybe the stench got me) I ran the first mile or so slower than I have all summer.  Hopefully there will be a lot of garbage coming out of T2 to slow me down.

2.  A friend recently told me he got a massage a few days before his recent Half and thought it was a bad idea because it made him sore.  Not me!  I went straight from my run to straight down in a face cradle.  This was not, however, my first massage this season.  I’ve had a few leading up to this week and told her to back off the pressure.  Restore, only.  Move the blood.  Make me believe.  I fell asleep, so it must have worked.

3.  If you can’t get enough paranoia or tomfoolery in your diet, just stop by an Ironman Facebook group the week before a race.

4.  This will be my 3rd Ironman and I can’t wait to get down there to hang with everyone.  There’s just a great energy around this sport and everyone has that anxious, yet humble look in their eyes. There’s really nothing like getting your bracelet and bib to make it real.  We’ve been working for this all year and the energy is palpable.

5.  I was happy to see optimistic pictures of the Ironman Louisville swim course this morning.  It looks like that section of the Ohio River is in pretty good shape regarding the “algae scare.”  And while I’m not racing Louisville, I’m not the kind of guy to take chances, so I thought I would play it safe with a little algae-immunity treatment in my above ground pool this afternoon.



Taper Tuesday – 5 Days From Ironman Chattanooga