If you want to be around inspiring people, look no further.  The first time I really talked with Daniel was while watching Ironman Louisville and he was recovering from a major bike accident.  He was all laughs and smiles even though his shoulder was completely jacked and he was a mere month out from doing Augusta Half Ironman (which he crushed).  When not swimming, biking, or running, Daniel is a high tech insider for a local computer company and often in charge of timing local races.  Learn more about him at his blog, @djneighbor or below with 20 Questions:388242_682769553659_338134174_n

1.  Where are you from? Centerville, TN
2.  What are your favorite running shoes? Saucony Kinvara
3.  What kind of bike do you ride? Look 567 Triathlon Bike
4.  What’s your age group for Ironman Wisconsin? M 25-29
5.  What’s your go-to workout meal? Pre- workout – toast and peanut butter, post-workout – Chocolate milk, roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli and cheddar, and black beans
6.  Favorite beer? Terrapin Moo Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout
7.  What was your favorite race to date? Huntsville Marathon 2011
8.  What are you most looking forward to on this journey? The stories that come from training with our group of 5 awesome people.
9.  What are you least looking forward to? The risk of wrecking my bike again.
10.  What is your strongest discipline? Running
11.  How would you respond to the criticism that endurance athletes are self-centered because they spend so much time training? If I trained by myself every workout, then someone could make that assumption that endurance athletes are self-centered. If they train together though (which most of us do almost every workout with someone else – a teammate, another East Nasty runner, or a friend) then it is not only encouraging, but it can even change someone else’s life. Endurance athletes are some of the least self-centered people I know – even most of the elite runners and triathletes I follow have a great sense of appreciation and respect for everyone in their sport. Go look at Chrissie Wellington’s book about her life, Chris Lieto’s “More than Sport” charity, or read about Robbie Bruce’s experience with 26.4.26 and tell me that endurance athletes are self-centered. We are all made stronger by the people who influence us.
12.  What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? Passionate. Encouraging. Stubborn.
13.  Aside from triathlons and working out, what is your favorite hobby? When I have the time, Backpacking/Travelling/Christian Missions
14.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where?  And why? I’d love to go to Israel/Jordan – I think it would be a powerful experience to see Biblical places I have only read about.
15.  Favorite Nashville Restaurant? Silly Goose
16.  Favorite sport other than endurance? Kickball
17.  Favorite band? Mat Kearney
18.  Which Fab 5 member will cross the finish line first? Jim Schwann
19.  How do you think doing this Ironman will change you? Hopefully I’ll be a stronger cyclist and swimmer, and I think I will be a lot more focused on what I eat because of training and the race itself.
20.  Are you racing for anyone? I’d like to race for some family members – specifically my Grandparents: Rebecca Fox, my late grandfather Lewis Fox, and Foy and Helen Hudgins. They don’t fully understand why I do what I do (but who really does?). They have always been supportive and encouraging to me my whole life, and I’d like to do something that brings honor to our family. This Ironman is a huge opportunity to do that.665831_671921717809_1226359790_o

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