Well, this is more like the Fab 3.  Ironman Wisconsin training partner, Mark Scrivner and his family.  I picked this photo because of the irony.  With his energy and commitment to training, family and his business, he will cross that finish line in fine fashion.  (Hopefully in this costume).  Learn more about Mark and his goals, hobbies, etc. by reading his answers to 10 questions:


10 Questions for Mark Scrivner

1.  Where are you from?  Eldon, MO or central Missouri
2.  What are your favorite running shoes?  Brooks
3.  What kind of bike do you ride?  Cannondale Slice
4.  What’s your age group for Ironman Wisconsin? 41-45
5.  What’s your go-to workout meal?  Penne pasta
6.  Favorite Beer?  Fat Tire
7.  Favorite race to date?  Tuscon Half Marathon in Arizona
8.  Three words you’d use to describe yourself.  Outgoing, ambitious, focused 110%
9.  What do you most look forward to on this journey?  Training with the Fab Five and the finish.  Least looking forward to?  Summer Training.
10.  What’s your best discipline?  Running.

Ironman Wisconsin training teammate, Mark

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