Racer K

In 2012 I watched as Racer K finished Ironman Louisville.  It was a tremendous accomplishment considering he couldn’t keep down food or water on the bike.  He followed it up with a tenacious completion of the “Flying Monkey” which is arguably one of the tougher marathons around.  In 2013 he was back with the Fab Five and working hard for Wisconsin.  Learn more with “11 Questions with Racer K.

racer k 21.  Where are you from?  Chickamauga, GA
2.  What are your favorite running shoes?  Currently the Altra Instinct
3.  What kind of bike do you ride?  Kestrel Talon
4.  What’s your go-to workout meal?  I don’t really have one.
5.  Favorite beer?  Most Calfkiller beers work for me.  Except pre race and then PBR is the way to go.
6.  What was your favorite race to date?  Each race is a stepping stone and learning experience.   I value them equally for what they have taught me.
7.  What are you most looking forward to on this journey?  Making the journey with others.  Last time I had one great training partner (Jim Yates) and it was a great experience.  Four should make it even better.
8.  What are you least looking forward to?  Endless exhaustion and sleep depravation.
9.  What is your strongest discipline?  Related to the triathlon?  Running.
10.  How would you respond to the criticism that endurance athletes are self-centered because they spend so much time training?  People without goals and motivation constantly criticize those who have them.   I will always seek to improve myself and do those things that make me happy.  If that makes me self-centered, then that is a trait that I cherish.
11.  What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?  Stubborn, masochistic, and optimistic.    racer k

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