This was written nearly a year before I did my Ironman, but I never posted.  I’m not sure why, but I thought I would put it out there for all of you training for Ironman.  It’s really interesting to reflect on how I was thinking with the race hanging over my head and I think I would have probably written it the same today. 

We all want attention.  We all want to be understood.  We all want to be loved.

When I signed up for Ironman Wisconsin, somewhere inside I was shouting those concepts to everyone in my life.  But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  There is nothing like preparing for an Ironman to both give you strength and make you feel extremely fragile.  And somewhere inside of all that is the meaning of spirituality.

For me, having an Ironman in the distance is omnipresent.  The process of attacking a clear, life-changing goal affects the way I think about everything I do, even though my target is thousands of miles away.  The way I react, eat and explore is enhanced.  Good and bad are more vibrant.  Decision making is more centered and concrete.  But, there is a lot of time between now and next September, and today’s finish line is just as important.

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like life is as simple as being around people that understand and compliment our thoughts?  Is this why millions of people dress up every Sunday morning and go to church?  So they are safely surrounded by others with the same beliefs?  Is this why some feel more comfortable with gangsters or republicans or yoga practitioners that flow naturally with who they are?  Or prospective Ironmen who have committed to chase the same goal?

There is genuine comfort in communion.  Last night three of the Fab Five gathered to watch Ironman Kona and it just felt right.  We were meant to be in the same room digging for inspiration to be our best, not only at Ironman Wisconsin, but in everything we do.  We will each take our own road, but the ultimate goal is the same.

Nothing will be perfect, but it still feels like perfection.

Ironman and the Human Condition