Sometimes we fly through life and forget the simplest solutions to nagging problems.

After writing about winter motivation earlier this morning it occurred to me that I had no carrot on my stick.  I’m just training to train.

My story is no different than most.  Did the 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, sprint tri, Oly, 1/2 progression at the start, but none of that would have happened if I didn’t put that 5k on the calendar.  I was quick to add another race after each one I completed until I jumped in the deep end with Ironman and that carried me for a year.

So, after lunch I sent a tentative 2014 race schedule to my coach, which he approved, and followed with, “Hurry up and sign up for NOLA.  Get your ass in gear.”  That’s all it took and 15 minutes later I was signed up for NOLA 70.3.

It’s human nature.  If we have something “out there” we subconsciously push towards that goal.  I’m sure there’s a big life lesson in here somewhere, but for now, I have a little more excitement about going home tonight and jumping on a hard bike seat. 9495223-standard ironmannola10jpg

The Most Important Part of My Training