In order to train hard, you have to adapt and recover even harder.  Or . . . you’ll stay the same. Same athlete. Same issues. Same speed.

Your lifecycle as a triathlete doesn’t end on the day of your A Race.  It lasts as long as you want . . . until you quit.  Recovery is the most underrated aspect of training and life.

Discipline to recovery takes focus, energy, and dedication. It means we are confident to take a day off when we’re exhausted. There’s no reason to put today ahead of your race, or your long-term goals as a triathlete.

Today we hit all these topics and more in our podcast.

• Nailing your training starts with nailing your recovery.
• Adjusting your recovery cycle to your body and lifestyle
• Reigning in a high-octane athlete
• Why (and how) your coach should adjust to you
• What are the best signs that you’re overtraining?
• How coffee affects your recovery
• Mentally and emotionally guiding your recovery
• What cravings for sugar, caffeine, and pizza really mean
• How being tired and being tempted work together
• The most underrated recovery tools on the market
• Why mental stress = physical stress
• How your fascia can affect your brain
• A surefire way to remain the same speed
• The magic of active recovery

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The Most Underrated Part of Training