In 1997 I was working as the Director of Stadium Operations for the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians.  Director of Minor League Operations at the time, Dan Duquette (now a VP for the Baltimore Orioles) was a long time family friend thanks to his relationship with my father.  We were both standing on the field before the game when he asked me a simple question, “What do you want?”

It’s important to understand that Dan could have helped me get whatever I wanted inside the world of professional baseball.  I think he liked me and wanted to help.  Did I want to be in minor league development?  A Major League front office?  Just tell me and we’ll get you on the right track.

It was one of those questions that scared the hell out of me, but I was under the gun and had to come up with an answer.  I looked down, then out at the field and sheepishly said, “I want to be a baseball player.”

I’ll never forget his reaction.  It wasn’t disgust, but it was kind of a “throw your hands in the air, I give up” kinda things.

It was kind of a turning point for me.  I ended up going back to school to finish my degree, then into a myriad of different things before landing in television for 15 years.  I’ve always been one of those guys that likes trying new things and never quite masters anything.

I feel that ugly head rearing itself in triathlon as well.  I still like the principles of being in shape and as healthy as I can be, but am torn about the dedication it takes to pursue Ironman.  I’m registered for Chattanooga and will give it my all, but until then I must find ways to make training a passion.

It can be a relentless grind, but I can’t accept that.  I’m determined to find ways to make swim, bike, run enjoyable, and why not?

I’ve added a new tab along the top of this site called “The Squad,” and our mission will be focused on ways to get better and enjoy the process.  I’ve just never felt like I can put my life into a box, but it certainly doesn’t get easier when its scattered.

So as Dan leads the revival of one of baseball’s most storied franchises, I will continue to search for a deeper fulfillment in my life.  A pursuit of happiness through movement and hopefully a lot of you will join me.


Photo: Mike Tarrolly


The Pursuit of Happiness in Triathlon