A coaching friend of mine has always seemed to connect to endurance training on a different level.  It’s a more inclusive approach that goes beyond assigning workouts and mileage.  I’ve recently asked him to contribute to Crushing Iron with a regular voice that will surely motivate and inspire with simple, yet powerful concepts that resonate on a more integral level.  Below is the first edition of Crushing Iron Coach’s Corner. 

Coaches Corner: Today You Have A Chance To Be Great

In a world where we obsess and over-analyze our past races, or races a year away, the biggest casualty is today.  And today is your chance to be great.

Giving our best right now isn’t nearly as glamorous as “talking” about an event we haven’t completed, but it’s how we get there.  What is attractive is what happens when you put days, weeks and months of “today’s” together.

Do your best today.  Then forget about it and be your best tomorrow.  Repeat and stay present.  That’s where improvement lies.

percy priest lake

Today You Have A Chance To Be Great