I’ve been back from Vegas for two days and haven’t written in six.  It was a long week of hanging out in a hotel, listening to Power Points, and eating banquet chicken.  Time to regroup and focus on Ironman Louisville.

Mirage Las Vegas Pool
That’s me on the far left of the hotel billboard.

I flew home Friday and capped it off in style with a pizza and no workout.  I spent one day on a spin bike in Vegas, but other than a little floating in the pool, I made no progress on my triathlon skills.

Saturday I hit the Nashville YMCA pool and it was underwhelming.  I may have hit 1,200 meters before throwing in the towel.

I did, however enjoy my new Roka SIM shorts and even gave a sales pitch in the men’s shower, which is always a great place to ham it up with fellow inmates.  The gentleman was fascinated by the neoprene shorts and said they looked like they wouldn’t fill up with water like his current brand.  I assured him they wouldn’t and pointed to my ass logo when he asked where he could get some.

“See this?  It’s a Roka SIM short.”


So, either ROKA made a sale or he got a cheap thrill.

Saturday afternoon I climbed on the Gary Fisher and rolled out for my infamous 6-6-6 trail ride.  Six miles on trails, 6 beastly hills in Shelby Park, then six more on trails to home.  It’s about 18 miles and kicked my ass.

It’s now Sunday and I’ve basically laid around like a sloth again.  I was ready to get up and knock out a road ride, but it started pouring.  Now I’m contemplating the bike trainer and many, many other things that are weighing heavily on my mind.

Louisville is 55 Days away and I couldn’t feel more unprepared.  Hopefully there will be a dramatic change this week.


Vegas Can Throw A Wrench in Training #IMLOU