After my first video, I did a strength workout last night that kicked my ass!  It was simple push ups, planks, pull ups, and squats. Two sets of each with ample rest in between.  I found out what I suspected . . . while I may be in decent triathlon shape, I’m pretty “weak” in general.  Especially (and oddly) with the squats (which were just body weight).

That actually happened yesterday, and tonight I had an easy 40 minute run with some decent hills.

The diet thing was pretty good today, but it’s reeking havoc with my body in some ways.  I’ve been starting with a huge (alkaline) green juice and I believe it’s slowly reorganizing my gut flora and/or bacteria because I have for the most part had no desire for sweets (although I did cave and have a cookie at one point which left me noticeably bloated).  I’ve been mainly eating/juicing greens, eating assorted nuts, and eating eggs and small portions of meat.  The carbs are coming from sweet potatoes and vegetables (namely carrots).  What’s most exciting is that I haven’t had bread, pizza, or pasta in over a week and feel like my mood is starting to stabilize.  Please join our Facebook Group and follow @crushingiron on Twitter.

IMWI 002 – Adding Body Weight Strength Training