Some of you may know we’re documenting our road to Ironman Wisconsin on video.  We’ve done a bunch of interviews and some training stuff along the way, but, since I do most of the shooting, I’m getting a little anxious about how we’re going to cover Ironman weekend.

This is really like a zero-budget process and I’m looking for ideas to help an organic ground swell of phone videographers on race day.  Do you know anyone who will be at the race?  Have any thoughts on how we can get the word out to people we may not know yet who’d want to help document this occasion?

I would like to set up a server so that anyone who shoots video at Ironman Wisconsin could upload it for use in the film.  It would be amazing if a bunch of people actually capture footage of the Fab 5, but that’s not necessary.

We’re planning to rent GPS chips so that our tracking can be in real time with Athlete Tracker’s free app.  This will allow people to know exactly where we are on the course and be ready to shoot.  Also, we’ll make sure our numbers and pictures, etc are readily available.

This journey has been amazing and the people involved have been the best part.  That goes well beyond the guys I’m training with.  People that race triathlon, along with their families and friends are the most generous and supportive humans, so I really think this can literally be an organic film made by hundreds of people.  Can you help spread the word?

Feel free to contact me with ideas and any questions.

We Need Your Help at Ironman Wisconsin