Sometimes I’ll sit here watching Ironman Wisconsin videos and get chills. It’s surreal to think I will be on that course in seven months.daddf5fc-4133-41e3-95c2-0d78ab1216c2

I can already see the eyes of the Fab Five as we enter the water, a symbolic beginning to the end of training. Five guys focused on the same goal for over 8 months – and it all comes down to this.  Once the swim starts, I may not see them for the next 10 – 12 hours, but in many ways we’ll be connected as one.7976247757_9ace6d5bcc_z

Tonight, I am there.  I hear the screams from hundreds perched on balconies overlooking the water.  I hear the encouraging words of athletes floating around me.  I hear the cannon explode, sending me into mystery.

I feel the water splashing in Lake Monona. . . the mass of humanity pounding me with no regard . . . the serenity of a place humans weren’t meant to go.

I feel the slippery shore as I exit the water . . . my bare feet slapping concrete as I climb the winding road to the top of the transition helix.

My ass hits the seat for the first of many times that day.  My thighs burn as I roll through picturesque farmland.  Cheering fans slap my back while they hug the narrow climb in Verona like a Tour de France.

The loop through Camp Randall stadium, home of my favorite football team, takes me back to players I idolized as a child.   A gauntlet of familiar faces wave signs and give high fives as I recall college memories from State Street.

My ankles ache as I turn the final corner and feel the rush of the finish line.  I glance at the majestic state capital,  embrace the tunnel of fans, and culminate the biggest physical accomplishment of my life.

It’s in my bones and won’t release me.

What Ironman Wisconsin "Feels Like"



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