This is a tough question.  On one hand I was absolutely miserable on that New Orleans course, on the other, I feel like I need redemption.

I’ve taken a little grief for trashing my own performance and can definitely understand that perspective.  To complete a Half Ironman is a major accomplishment for most, but when you finish nearly an hour slower than you hoped, it can leave a slight scar.

I’m already signed up for Rev3 Knoxville and will compete in the Olympic.  The wounds from New Orleans have already healed and I’m looking forward to race with a few people I know.

Familiar faces cannot be underestimated.  I made a few new friends in New Orleans, but saying hi to alligators, wild stallions, and snakes for 70.3 miles can wear on you.

The elephant in the room continues to be Louisville.  I have gone around and around about that race, but still don’t know if I want to do it.  Frankly the last two half’s I’ve done were miserable.  From Goosepond to Crescent City, I feel like I got worse.  But, truthfully, I haven’t even been sore (aside from sunburn) since IMNOLA and that has me inching closer to so saying yes to Louisville.  I just have to figure out how to let go of my incredible disdain for riding a bike.

I will start training for Rev3 this weekend and focus specifically on the Olympic distance with shorter, high intensity workouts.  In fact, I’m leaning that way in general and still believe focusing on mileage in training is a mistake.

I really think New Orleans was a bit of an aberration.  I hadn’t ridden outside, and that day was windy, sunny, and hot.  Not to mention my brake was stuck.  That all took a huge toll on my overall vitality and shrunk my head for the run.  I’m going to leave that race behind and go back to Knoxville with focus.  I had a good race there last year, so it will be tough to beat my time, but that’s my intention.

Until then, I plan to lay on the couch, eat lots of good fat, and read books on psychology.  I know you’re jealous, Corey.

What's Next After Ironman New Orleans 70.3?



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One thought on “What's Next After Ironman New Orleans 70.3?

  • April 19, 2014 at 2:44 am

    An Olympic will be a good transition after IMNOLA. I don’t know if you have a coach that you work with, but I have found having a coach that I pay really helps me stay motivated and complete the workouts as planned. Since I am reporting my stats to someone (and pay this person), it keeps me on track. This may be something you might want to consider so you can have a satisfying and rewarding 70.3 race one day (hopefully sooner than later). 😉

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