I just wanted to run.  An easy 5 or 6 miles on the trails at Shelby Bottoms.

It’s become my new favorite thing.  Running wild in nature.  Being one with the earth, wind, and the eery sounds I hear in the woods.

Lately there have been tons of deer in the park and for some reason they never want to hang around and chat.  Each time their exit is filled with grace and power that leaves me in awe.

So, I took off and tried letting go of my mind, but couldn’t stop thinking about this Bill Cosby business.  It had me a little fired up for some reason.  I think mainly because, “If not Bill Cosby, who can you trust?”

But, I think on a deeper level, I was frustrated with the fact that I was frustrated about this.  I mean, is anyone really surprised?

Not me.  It seems as natural as the sun blinding my eyes.

Taking a run break.
Taking a run break.

The real question is, “When are we going to realize that we are still basically animals?”  How else can we explain the unmatchable feeling we get running through nature?  It’s the epitome of highs (well, maybe after sex, and of course that’s an animalistic activity as well and we know what that did for Mr. Cosby).

Manners and social graces wear us down.  We have to let that animal roam.  We just want to be free.

In no way am I defending Cosby’s actions, I’m just trying to figure out what the hell’s going on in this world.  It’s almost like we should start expecting these things instead of being surprised.  Like they say, the first step is admitting there’s a problem.

Maybe that would make us more compassionate creatures.  Maybe we would understand that humans are flawed and no amount of rules, regulations, or no trespassing signs is going to change that.

I think all of this is what draws me to running.  You’re alone with nature and don’t need anything but your body.  It’s a perfect escape and I see wrong with that.

But it’s hard to run with Bill Cosby on your mind, so I turned further inside and started thinking about cookies.






Why Is Bill Cosby On My Mind?