UPDATE:  All the “hundreds” of Flying Monkey Pics have been moved here:  Crushing Iron on Flickr

Here’s the second installment of pictures I shot at the 2013 Flying Monkey Marathon.  Sure, some may be repeats, but they will be better the second time!  Feel free to re-post them to your pages, but please credit crushingiron.com.  Also, if you would like the hi-res version, email me at mtarrolly@gmail.com.  Put “Monkey” in the subject line and file name in the body.  While you’re here, please feel free to read and share my post on why I think RUNNING IS KING, then sign up to follow me on Twitter (@miketarrolly) so you don’t miss any of this half-baked insight in the future.

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More Flying Monkey Pics – 2013 Race