A while back my coach added something to my training plan that I really liked . . . a lot.  Two runs in one day.East Nasty Chest copy

The purpose is to build time on the legs without wearing myself out. The other benefit, is getting 6 hours between to recover which gives me a better shot at nailing that second run with good form.

Usually it shows up on my schedule as two one-hour-runs, but yesterday I stretched them to 1:15.  They are also supposed to be “just runs” but I threw a little tempo-segment into the first one, with the idea that the second would simply be running to run on tired legs.

Part of the reason this appeals to me is that I’m a master at procrastination and the idea of surrendering 2.5 hours at once is not appealing.  This strategy also allows for a nap.

A two and a half hour run can also seem daunting.  Managing two separate 9 mile runs sounds a lot more feasible than knocking out 18 in a row.

For me, the bottom line is building time on your legs and solid mileage in one day.  And I really believe it delivers a comparable feeling the next morning.

Frankly, I think this is a great philosophy for any level of runner trying to build mileage.  Next time you’re dreading a long run, try splitting it up and let me know how it goes.

Here’s the video breakdown if you just can’t get enough.  





Anatomy of a Split Run