The early forecast is 60% chance of thunderstorms, but I have faith Saturday will turn out in the runner’s favor.  I’ve worked in the news business long enough to know that extended predictions are iffy.  Much like my prediction for this race from two weeks ago. 

This will likely be my ultimate test of trusting my taper.  I was going strong until Saturday, but temporary illness squashed my training plans for Sunday and Monday.  Tonight, I’ll put in a little jog and maybe run again Thursday, but I haven’t had a run over 5 miles in almost three weeks.  The workouts have been loaded with swim and bike, though and I have to trust the cross train. 

Initially I thought I would go after a PR in this race, which would be something less than 1:42, but I think I will likely just use it as a training day and finish around 1:50 or something.  It’s a tough course and I have the Rev 3 Olympic the following Sunday.  (You can track me at Rev on Twitter @miketarrolly). 

Anyway, this would certainly be a lull on the training confidence meter, but I know the energy of the crowd and the rally for Boston will be a huge driver once I cross that timing mat.  It was my first half last year and even though I said what I just said, I really plan on getting a burst of adrenaline that helps me crush the streets of my own city. 

Country Music Marathon