Two days ago I decided to delete Facebook and I’ve caught myself staring at the phone like something is missing.  The truth is, I’m finding something.  More time.

Not only that, I feel like I have just a hint more peace of mind.  Sure, it’s way too early in the experiment, but there has to be some value in clearing any kind of clutter in your life.

I could literally feel myself getting anxious, even angry at times, while scrolling through my Facebook feed.  All of these people doing so many “amazing” things like hanging out at hip places or having babies.  All stuff I haven’t been doing.

It’s not like I’m taking my new free time and changing the world, but I do feel like maybe, just maybe, this is a step in the direction of putting my eyes on what’s most important in my life.

Sometimes I hate when I do stuff like quit Facebook because it seems like, well . . . I’m a quitter.  “Why can’t you just look at it in the morning and once at night?”  I don’t fucking know!?  I just can’t.  It’s easier for me to just walk away from stuff that feels wrong.

It’s also easier for me to go after things that feel right, and at this moment, that is training.

Yesterday was a rest day for Muncie and it was weird.  It felt like I had way too much time.  Crazy how your body misses moving so much.

When you boil it down, movement is life and I think that’s why triathlon has become such a big part of my routine.  Doing crazy ass things like an Ironman is the ultimate form of meditation.  Being in the moment.  It’s just impossible to think about stupid shit like that dreaded meeting on Monday when your hip is falling off.

I love racing, but I’m starting to feel the same way about training.  It’s not a nuisance as much as it is a healthy every day challenge.  It’s not a means to an end . . . it is the end.  And hopefully this is the end of Facebook on my phone as well.

Twitter, however . . .







Finding Time To Train



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  • July 11, 2015 at 3:14 am

    I did the same thing some time last year. I picked up instagram though and I follow a TON of triathletes. And hot women doing yoga. haha

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