The thing about training, and/or life, is you have to keep picking yourself up off the ground.  I spent most of Sunday doing just that. 

Saturday’s ride hit me hard.  It was 50 miles I wasn’t ready for.  The aftermath proved I wasn’t hydrated and my body was simply fatigued.  I really believe I could knock out 50 miles in my sleep, but how I felt the day after put a ton of doubt in my head. 

“You’ve got to get yourself together, you got stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it.”  – U2

My training schedule called for another long ride yesterday, but I just couldn’t get myself out of Saturday.  I love my bike, but yesterday we were in a fight.  I spent the morning sorting through my head with writing, then the afternoon doing yard work.  I was moving, just not fast.  I was hoping the energy for a ride would materialize, but it never did. 

Even this morning I was a bit lethargic.  Nothing gives you doubt like sore legs and low energy.  But I got back to my plan.  Hydration, nutrition, seize the day.  I have two workouts ahead of me for this Monday, a swim and a run, and soon hit the pool with a renewed attitude.  Time heals.  So do perfectly timed posts, like this one by my coach. 


How To Not Fail