After Ironman Louisville last year I was defeated.  The last thing I wanted to do was another race.  But a week later I drove to Wisconsin to spectate and it put a little jump in my step.  Then I went to watch Ironman Chattanooga and the bug was back.  This year I left my race in Chattanooga feeling pretty good, not only about the race, but in body, mind, and spirit.  One of the first things I did was look to see if Ironman Wisconsin registration was still open.  It was.  And I signed up.

Yes, I’ll be going back to where it started.  The race is on September 11, 2016 and it will be my fourth full Ironman.

It goes without saying that I am excited to get back.  It is home.  I’ll be surrounded by friends, family, and familiar settings.  It is also just a great race.

image_3I love the energy of crowd support and I have seen nothing like Wisconsin in any of my other races.  From the grandstand-like atmosphere of the Swim Start to the seemingly endless parties on the bike course, to the cafe settings packed with people along State Street, Wisconsin brings it pretty hard.IMG_4934

Madison, in general, is just a beautiful city.  The massive Capitol looms over the finish line with genuine political nostalgia.  The Saturday before the race houses a huge farmers market on the Square.  Of course, the football Badgers will play that day as well, and not many atmosphere’s get in my blood like that one.  The lakes, the architecture, the progressive attitude.  It all makes for a great weekend, Ironman or not.


The thought of treading water with 2,500 others as we wait for the mass start gives me chills.  IMG_4910

The thought of re-tracing my favorite bike ride (including the beastly climbs surrounded by encouragement) to date gets me pumped.


And the memory of running in and around my favorite college campus gives me content.IMG_4973

It’s a year away, but I’m already thinking about how great it will feel to run around the Capitol and cross that finish line.

Hopefully there will be a zero after that one this time.


IMWI-Finish-Keeperc26 copy


In The Days After Your Ironman . . .