Ironman training ebbs and flows, often leaving you with doubt.  I’m almost certain I was further ahead at this time last year and yesterday’s run was a wake up punch to the gut.

That said, two weeks ago I felt like I may have been ahead of last year’s training, certainly from a mental standpoint.  So, which indicator is accurate?  How much stock should we put in a workout?

One thing is certain: My speed is down.  Just over a year ago I ran a 1/2 marathon at 7:38/mile and a 10k at 7:10.  Yesterday, it was all I could do to mix in two miles at 7:30 over the course of six.

So, how do I move the meter?

The difference seems to be in my lungs and for me that signals a need for more swimming.  Probably more running.  And speed work.

My legs feel healthy and strong, but I have to move my aerobic threshold, and quickly.  Especially if I want to make Louisville a special day.

It’s weird thinking back to how I felt last year.  The following is from a post I wrote 67 days before my first Ironman:

What I have learned in this relatively short period of time is that you should never doubt your potential.  I have transformed from a couch potato into a spirit that believes he can complete 140.6 miles of swim, bike, and run in one day.  If that’s possible, what isn’t?

So, I stare down the Ironman barrel again.  I am no longer a couch potato, but I have my doubt.  Doubt about whether or not I can tackle this beast on my terms.

Ironman mirrors life as an exercise of patience and belief.  I may not feel it now, but I have to have faith my path will allow me to be ready in 54 days.

I will stand in that line ready to do something most would never consider.  I will swim 2.4 miles, bike 112, then run my second marathon.  I will do it on my terms.

I am slower than I was a year ago and my goal is to be an hour faster.  The ultimate test awaits.  Am I willing to do what that takes?

With the right momentum, and right mind, the human spirit is unstoppable.





Ironman Louisville 54 Days Out #IMLOU