Okay, so if you’re looking for a culprit in all of this Ironman business, it is Jim Schwan.  Last year at this time he peppered me for weeks about getting into the Couch to 5K program he was coaching and I finally gave in.  He ran by my side for the 5K and lied about our speed the whole way, leading me to a sub-27 minute finish.  Jim is the Ironman veteran in the bunch.  He’s done Louisville, Beach to Battleship, and several Half Irons.  I would never never tell him this, but he has been a true motivational force in my life.  He is also an original card carrying member of my Whiffle Ball Golf Country Club, Tarrolly Hills.  Dig deep into Jim’s complex mind with 20 questions (below the photo).

1.  Where are you from? St. Louis, MO, but have lived in TN since I was 11.
2.  What are your favorite running shoes?  Current Favorite are Mizunos
3.  What kind of bike do you ride? I have a Cannondale Caad 9 road bike and a Cannondale Slice TT bike.
4.  What’s your age group for Ironman Wisconsin? 45-49
5.  What’s your go-to workout meal? Don’t have a go to workout meal but my go to pre-race meal is Carmela’s Chicken Rigatoni and a glass of Chianti from Macaroni Grille.
6.  Favorite beer? It changes with the seasons. Right now it’s Terrapin MooHoo.
7.  What was your favorite race to date? This is probably the most difficult question because I like different races for different reasons. Maybe Hell or High Water 5k because I went sub 20:00.
8.  What are you most looking forward to on this journey.  Training with the Fab 5 + 1.
9.  What are you least looking forward to?  The chaffing.
10.  What is your strongest discipline? Running.
11.  How would you respond to the criticism that endurance athletes are self-centered because they spend so much time training? I’m sorry, did you ask me a question?
12.  What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?  Motivated, Social, Competitive
13.  Aside from triathlons and working out, what is your favorite hobby? Poker
14.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where?  And why? The Galápagos Islands. Looks fantastic and unspoiled.
15.  Favorite Nashville Restaurant? Depends on mood.
16.  Favorite sport other than endurance? To watch – football. To play – hockey.
17.  Favorite band? Foo Fighters
18.  Which Fab 5 member will cross the finish line first? Daniel
19.  How do you think doing this Ironman will change you?  It will bring me closer to some really great people.
20.  Are you racing for anyone?  No. 305255_2335727744931_2099028503_n

The Guy Who Got Me Into This Mess



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  • January 25, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Tell Jim you know another Jim who recommended Aquaphor for the chafing… Works like a charm.

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